Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies


By: Jones, Peter

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ISBN: 1579212085

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Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies: Can You Tell the Difference?

This short, powerful book pulls no punches.  There are only two kinds of spirituality.  Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies explains five major points of pagan thinking:

  1. All Is One and One Is All
  2. All Humanity Is One
  3. All Religions Are One
  4. One Problem: Amnesia
  5. One Answer: Look Within

and their Christian answers:

  1. God, the Creator
  2. One in Christ Alone
  3. Only One Faith
  4. One Problem: Death through Sin
  5. One Answer: Look to Him

Enjoy intriguing artwork by a top-notch London illustrator.  Use the questions at the end of each chapter to discuss today’s spirituality in your home, your church, your school.  This book is great for homeschool use, or for use in Christian high schools and colleges.  Church study groups and youth group leaders will want to read Dr. Jones’ other books as well.





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