Gospel Revolution (Workbook)


By: Greear, J.D.

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ISBN: 9781415871836

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Recovering the Power of Christianity

This is an 8-session discipleship experience that leads group members to understand how to let the gospel work in their hearts the way religion never has – or could.  On a journey to greater understanding of the gospel, Pastor J.D. Greear ran through all the religious activities typically associated with a disciple’s life: giving, adopting, missionality, preaching, and witnessing.  Though disciplined and intentional in all aspects, only when J.D. “discovered” the gospel of Jesus Christ did everything change.  That’s why the objective of Gospel Revolution is to help group members abide in Jesus.  They will find that when they do, passion, self-control, kindness, patience, and generosity are the natural results.  Marriages will change.  Participants will become more self-disciplined.  They will be less selfish.  Not by concentrating on these things, but as a result of being captivated by the love of Christ.

An integral part of this transformational is the four-part Gospel Prayer.  Far from another ritual, the Gospel Prayer is a reflection of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and includes eight aspects that are identified in the book on which the Bible study is based.


  • Personal devotionals and leader notes
  • Ice breakers, DVD listener guide, guided prayer, and more
  • Video segments complement the group experience with unique insights from the author
  • Includes 40-day Bible reading plan through the Gospels





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