The Gospel-Driven Church


By: Stackhouse, Ian


ISBN: 184227290X

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Charismatic renewal has at the core of its ideology an aspiration for revival. This is a laudable aspiration, but in recent years, in the absence of a largescale evangelistic impact, it has encouraged a faddist mentality among church leaders.

The Gospel-Driven Church documents this development and the numerous theological and pastoral distortions that take place when genuine revival fervor transmutes into revivalism. Moreover, Stackhouse aims to show how a retrieval of some of the core practices of the church, such as preaching, sacraments, the laying on of hands, and prayer is essential at this crucial stage in the trajectory of the renewal movement in the United Kingdom. He commends to church leaders a recovery of these means of grace – including Spirit baptism – as a way of keeping the church centered on the gospel rather than mere pragmatic concerns about size and numbers





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