God’s Wonderful Word [eBook]


By: Knight, Trevor F

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ISBN: 9781846254727

Introducing each book of the Bible

The Bible is God’s gold mine. Outwardly, it may look a very ordinary book. To some, it may even seem uninviting. But the treasures to be found inside are really thrilling—and the more you read it, the more you see. With a summary of every Bible book, along with practical tips on having a ‘Quiet Time’ and questions to help you see the themes running through the Bible,this book has been written to help you spot some of God’s ‘shining blessings’ to be discovered in his wonderful Word.
Trevor Knight was born in Bedford, and later converted there while a student in the Upper Sixth of Bedford School, through the ministry of the local Young Life Branch (formerly known as the National Young Life Campaign). He graduated from Nottingham University and became a mathematics teacher at schools in Derbyshire and Yorkshire, before leaving for Christian service throughout the UK. For twenty-five years he was Director of Young Life, and well known also for his service with United Beach Missions. He has maintained a private discipline of reading the whole Bible through each year for well over forty years. Many of the results of that discipline are now shared concisely and stimulatingly in this book.






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