God’s Story Your Story (Youth Edition)


By: Lucado, Max


ISBN: 9780310725466

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Is there a story behind the daily drama of your life?  Being a teenager isn’t always easy.  From homework to after-school jobs to having to think about the future, life can feel chaotic.  But did you know that the chaos and confusion, as well as the joys and excitements you experience, are part of God’s ordered plan?

In this teen adaptation of God’s Story Your Story, bestselling author Max Lucado explores the divine narrative in the New Testament, as well as several contemporary examples, to show how your everyday life is part of God’s bigger redemption story, and that God is there, no matter what you may face in your life.  Real teen responses and real-life application questions are also included to help you further connect God’s narrative to your own.  Because God’s story is your story – and He is adding to your chapter every day.