God’s Miracle Maker: Elisha


By: TnT Ministries


ISBN: 9781845502911

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The Alternative way of doing a Holiday Bible Club Programme.  ‘Non–yucky’ teaching about salvation through Jesus to your children’s club over 6 weeks (or six days for a holiday club/VBS programme!).  Do you want your children to realise that the Bible is God’s relevant, exciting, and dynamic guide?  God’s miracle worker has superb games, thoughtful activities, and a thorough explanation of the Gospel message.  This material brings children to focus on fun, faith, and God’s forgiveness.  In the amazing world of ‘God’s Miracle Maker’ you will come across the case of gruesome poison, the incident of the blind soldiers, as well as the multiplying oil.  God’s Miracle Maker does not shrink from teaching about sin, judgement, and forgiveness as well as God’s plan of redemption!





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