God’s Lyrics


By: O' Donnell, Douglas


ISBN: 9781596381728

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Are all the songs found in the Old Testament applicable to contemporary Christian worship? God’s Lyrics answers with a resounding “yes!”

Douglas O’Donnell draws out the historical, exegetical, and theological significance of the songs of Moses, Deborah, Hannah, David, and Habakkuk. He then shows, in the light of the person and work of Jesus Christ, how the lyrics of God’s Word apply to contemporary congregational singing.

God’s Lyrics offers both a corrective and a call—a corrective to sing of Christ from the Psalms, the Law and the Prophets, and a call to use the whole counsel of God in worshiping him.

The new hymns and music provided for each biblical text encourage pastors, lyricists, and church musicians to reengage with these ageless songs and their timeless themes. Arrangements of these new hymns can be downloaded below.





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