God’s Leader [eBook]


By: Mason, Andy



ISBN: 9781911272663

Leader, come and sit at the feet of Jesus. Come and listen to him and be restored in hope and joy as you feast afresh on the gospel goodness he has to offer you.Andy Mason writes with a pastor’s heart and from his own experiences of leadership. He knows first-hand the struggles that spiritual leaders face and he is convinced that a deep knowledge of gospel truth is the most important thing we need to keep going. Andy helps us digest several key Bible passages and holds out a glorious message of hope that will encourage us however we feel our ministry is going.This book will provide a helpful antidote to self-sufficiency for anyone in a leadership position.’I found ‘God’s Leader’ not only challenging, but also refreshing, stimulating and deeply encouraging. Andy’s understanding and personal application of the Bible self evidently flows from his own careful study and meditation. The book is all the richer for it.’ ~ William Taylor, St Helens’ Bishopsgate, London’Here is a timely reminder of the big spiritual priorities that must shape any church leader’s life. Andy opens up key Bible passages and by so doing we can hear once again our Lord and Saviour’s concerns, warnings, and encouragements for all who serve him. Such a Christ-centred book will warm your heart and mould your life. Warmly commended.’ ~ Ray Evans, Grace Church Bedford and FIEC Church Leadership Consultant’Having previously heard some of this book given as electrifying encouragements for Co-Mission staff, I am so excited to see it published, a spiritual tonic for anyone involved in Christian ministry. Andy Mason writes as he speaks – applying the medicine of Gods Word to the fevers of church leadership with the profound insights of someone committed to deeply reflective holiness, the simple language and homely illustrations of a loving church pastor, and the burning zeal for practical theology of someone who delights in God! Read Gods Leader on holiday, buy copies for all your friends and read it with your staff and trainees – this book is gospel refreshment for the soul!’ ~ Richard Coekin, Co-Mission’In New Zealand we talk about “doing the heard yards”. It is a metaphor born of farming & rugby and speaks of sustained effort. This work is often unnoticed and unappreciated but it is essential to effectiveness.God’s Leader addresses the importance of “doing the hard yards” in leadership. It speaks of keeping going through persecution, confusion and difficulty. This is not a ‘how to’ manual but it draws on Andy Mason’s 20 years’ experience in pastoral leadership. I found it biblical, practical, realistic and helpful. Its greatest strength is to encourage cross-centred, word based leadership that clearly points to the gospel. This is a thoughtful book which I commend to all who are passionate about spiritual leadership and who are “doing the hard yards” following Jesus and growing His Kingdom. ~ Nigel Pollock, National Director of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship, New Zealand & Executive Director of Pacific Partnership Trust