God Took Me by the Hand [HC]


By: Bridges, Jerry

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ISBN: 9781612915791

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From a humbled background growing up in the deep south of Mississippi. Larry Jackson the third child of seven children loved his mother so much he wanted to be a mama’s boy, but could not be due to six other siblings. Married at the age of eighteen, hard worker, serious in whatever he put his hand to do. God fearing man who loves his God and disciplined to follow his word wherever it leads him, he knows from studying his Word that his God is greater than anything. Author Bio: Larry Jackson has been in the ministry, since his conversion on or about November 18, 1978. Called to preach two years after his conversion, on about March 1980, produced a street ministry, a jail ministry, food ministry and a radio ministry until he entered seminary. Graduated with his doctorial degree from the New Foundation Theological Seminary, of Jackson, Mississippi, an evangelist for over twenty seven years, teacher of many theological training clinics around the country, loves teaching God’s Word. Larry Jackson love the ministry of the apostle Paul, he testifies that his life remind him of the apostle Paul. Through this book you will find that a lot of his quotes are from the apostle Paul.





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