A God-Sized Vision [HC]


By: Hansen & Woodbridge


ISBN: 9780310327035

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Revival Stories that Stretch and Stir

Can God stir revival by his Holy Spirit, even in our culture today?  Do we really believe he can?  In a day of diminished expectations, A God-Sized Vision: Revival Accounts That Stretch and Stir recounts global examples of prior revivals, beginning with the Reformation and the Great Awakenings.  It continues with the Welsh and Azusa Street revivals and those that occurred simultaneously in Asia, followed by the East Africa Revival of the 1930s.  More recent revivals in North America that instigated parachurch or evangelistic ministries like those of Billy Graham and the revivals in China, particularly in Henan Province over the last forty years, give further evidence of church renewal.  These stories enlarge our hearts, expand our minds, and empower our witness to the power of God at work in human history.  Christians with a deep evangelistic commitment who realize that there is more to church growth than field-tested techniques will expand their vision by remembering God’s vision, as it has been revealed throughout history.  Hansen and Woodbridge mine these stories of renewal to suggest how to get ready for revival today.





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