The God Reality


By: Slane, Rob


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ISBN: 9781846251269

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In recent decades, the Christian consensus which laid the foundations for the freedoms, stability & prosperity enjoyed by Western countries has been challenged by an increasingly militant Atheistic Humanism. As a consequence, Christianity has become scorned & held up as a thing to be ridiculed. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, represents perhaps the most brazen attack yet on Christianity. In it he portrays Christianity as unscientific, irrational & even downright evil. The God Reality takes Professor Dawkins’ main arguments & shows the many flaws & falsehoods they contain. It aims to embolden Christians to stand up for their beliefs in the face of an increasingly sceptical & hostile world & to cause atheists to question whether their assumptions which underpin their faith are really as logical & as sound as they think.





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