God Doesn’t Whisper


By: Osman, Jim


ISBN: 9780998455020

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It is woven into the fabric of modern evangelicalism. The subject of numerous books, conferences, and sermons every year, it’s promoted as essential for a vibrant relationship with Christ, and a measure of the maturity of your faith. What is it? Hearing God speak personally, outside of Scripture.But is God trying to speak to you through signs, impressions, and subtle promptings? Is He whispering to you in a still, small voice, hoping to grab your attention? Does Scripture promise that every Christian will receive personal, private revelations from the Lord?In God Doesn’t Whisper, Pastor Jim Osman examines the assumptions, practices, and proof texts of those who promote a theology of hearing the voice of God. Dig into the texts often cited in defense of trying to hear God speak outside of His written Word. Scripture is clear: God doesn’t whisper.