God and the Generations


By: Hilborn & Bird (editors)



ISBN: 1842271687

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God and the Generations highlights the importance of generation-based analysis for contemporary Christian life, and offers a constructive critique of existing work in the field.  In defining generations, this critique suggests that evangelicals have failed to address the cultural and philosophical assumptions underlying the generation models they have borrowed and have not yet placed these models in hermeneutical and theological perspective.

God and the Generations seeks to bridge this gap at both conceptual and pragmatic levels.  Offering a more explicitly biblical account of generational structures, it then applies this to key issues in family life, Church order, leadership, and growth; and suggests that intergenerational relationships can facilitate the understanding of God’s purpose for His people and the world.

  • Interspersed with helpful statistics, table and appendices.
  • Thought provoking conclusions, recommendations and questions for further study.
  • Considers how age, worldview, lifestyle and historical experience interact.
  • Addresses the needs of the emerging generation, the younger generation and the older generation.




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