Giving Up on Jesus (Tract)


By: Robson, Geoff


ISBN: 9781922206961

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What part of Geoff Robson’s ministry to university students leaves him feeling like he has been kicked in the teeth? Watching those who once followed Jesus turn away and follow the world instead.

Of course Geoff’s experience is common to most of us who’ve been Christians for a while. Sadly, we all know people who seem to have given up on Jesus.

This short leaflet is Geoff’s plea to those who are considering whether a life lived for Jesus is worth it. He highlights the different ways he’s seen people drift away from the faith, and reminds us not to fall into those same traps. He exhorts us that if we’re trusting and following Jesus today, to do it again tomorrow.

Giving Up On Jesus is a useful resource for anyone ministering to young Christians, whether in a church youth group, a university or college ministry, a high school ministry, the young adults at church, or even your own kids. Buy in bulk and give them away extensively.