By: Martin, C B


ISBN: 9781906173708

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Becoming a Real Teenager

Can you tell a fake from the real thing?  From tanning to designer gear it’s not always easy to spot a fake.
But what about you?  Are you the real deal?
You may have the right clothes, hair, a zingy new phone, and the coolest of mates… but are you genuine?  Are you a real teenager as God intended?

In this book you’ll meet six genuine teenagers; real people from the pages of the Bible.  Together we’ll discover their dreams and difficulties, and see how they transformed the world rather than conformed to it.
Fakes don’t last.  They might look good for a while but the tan goes streaky and the gadgets break.  The real thing stands the test of time.
So grab a seat, start reading, and with God’s help see how you can become a real teenager.
This is a punchy book that looks at the lessons teenagers can learn from the lives of six teenagers from the Bible.