Galatians (Welwyn)


By: Johnston, Mark


ISBN: 9781783972418

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No Longer Slaves but Sons

Galatians: a letter that had great importance for the magisterial Reformers (Luther on Galatians is always in print) and in recent years has been at the heart of the the debate on New Covenant theology and the New Perspective on Paul.  Mark Johnston brings Paul s letter back where it belongs with a pastor s heart and unerring clarity he makes this vital Scripture accessible to the ordinary Christian.

The message of Galatians is a vitally important one since it addresses the heart of the gospel.  Not surprisingly, the devil knows this and commentators are divided on its meaning.  That is why a sure and trusted guide is essential, one familiar with both old and new perspectives on Paul’s understanding of the gospel.  Mark Johnston is that trusted guide and the church is greatly in his debt for the clarity and conviction of these pages.