From Prussia with love (Life Stories) [eBook]


By: Purves, Carol

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ISBN: 9781846254888

The George Muller story

A delinquent in Prussia, working for the Jews in London and stirring up the Christians in the West Country of England, George Muller went on with God to establish five children’s homes in Bristol, caring for hundreds of children in the nineteenth century. ‘My God shall supply all your needs’ was the text by which he lived his life. No appeals were ever made to human resources. Muller’s appeals were made to God alone, and for well over sixty years, he relied solely on God for all his needs. His story is retold in this new biography to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of this great man.
Carol Purves is a freelance writer, former teacher, member of the Association of Christian Writers and Society of Authors, and author of the best-selling Chinese Whispers—the Gladys Aylward story.
George Muller was someone who I ‘sort of knew about’, however this account of his life and work was a real eye opener and I couldn’t put the book down. A book well worth reading. GoodBookStall Review – 13.02.2006 – Mary Carveth






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