A Fresh Start (Good Book)


By: Chapman, John



ISBN: 9781906334413

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A Fresh Start Classic Edition attracts extra discount for multiple copies (50% for 100+), making it ideal for church missions, door-drops, large evangelistic events, or giving away to friends.

‘Something is terribly wrong – with our world, with our relationships, with us. We all sense this at different times. But is there anything we can do about it?’

With all the honesty and humour for which he is famous, John Chapman tells in A Fresh Start that God has done something about it. We read about: just what God has done for us through his son, Jesus; how we can know it is true; what the alternatives are; and what we should do about it.

If you have been searching for a book that simply and clearly explains what it means to be a Christian, either for your own or another’s benefit, your search is over.

– exceptional evangelistic resource which has sold thousands of copies worldwide
– remains one of the clearest and most accessible explanations of the gospel
– great new edition at a giveaway price helps to make it available to as many people as possible





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