Free Yourself, Be Yourself


By: Wright, Alan D.


ISBN: 9781601422767

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Find the Power to Escape Your Past

When Alas Wright’s childhood family collapsed, he took the blame. As a wounded fourth grader, Alan secretly wondered, What’s wrong with me? How can I become loveable again? Unconsciously, he made the most devastating – and common – of vows: “I’ll do whatever it takes to be loved.”

Excelling in sports, earning straight A’s, and well-liked by everyone – except himself – Alan had made a childhood commitment to performance-based living, which led to a series of grown-up problems:

  • Hyper-sensitivity: Why am I so bothered by every criticism?
  • Self-Doubt: Why do I always question my abilities and motives?
  • People pleasing: Why do I have a hard time saying no or facing conflict?
  • Fear of failure: Why do I feel like I have to be perfect?
  • Self-sabotage: Why can’t I celebrate my gifts and accept God’s blessings?

Laugh, cry, struggle, relate, and be set free as Alan Wright invites you to discover his simple solution – how to release your pride and shame to Jesus, banish fear, and accept unconditional love and acceptance to live as you were meant to live.