Free Indeed [eBook]


By: Ganz, Dr. Richard

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ISBN: 9781936908073

Escaping Bondage and Brokenness for Freedom in Christ

From the Foreward by Dr. Jay Adams: Every once in a while, a really wonderful book comes along. This is just such a book. Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. In this book, Rich Ganz takes on one of the most important issues in the life of a Christian: freedom. In doing this, Dr. Ganz fills a void that desperately needs to be filled. There is nothing in print that has looked as carefully at this subject. It is a subject that touches every person on this earth. It is especially necessary in counseling, where enslavement is the norm. Every Christian counselor, indeed every Christian, should read this book. Drawing from his almost thirty years of experience as a biblical counselor and pastor, Rich shows how Christians can have the freedom the Christ gives his people. You, like me, are going to find this book to be one of the most encouraging and helpful books you have read in a long time. If you read only one book on counseling this year, this should be it!






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