Francis Schaeffer – An Authentic Life


By: Duriez, Colin


ISBN: 9781581348576

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“Nearly twenty-five years after his death, Francis Schaeffer’s impact as one of the foremost shapers of modern Christianity still reverberates within the church and contemporary culture. A pastor, apologist, best-selling author, and activist whose work and ministry reached around the world, Schaeffer also managed deeply and personally to influence people of every age and position – men, women, youth and children; the school intellectual and the common labourer, the scientist and the artist, the doubting Christian and the sceptical non-believer – in a way that few others have.” “Colin Duriez, who studied under and interviewed Schaeffer, also takes a deeper look revealing those distinct life phases, as well as Schaeffer’s teachings and his complexities as a person, within their historical context so that contemporary readers may better understand all of who Schaeffer was – and why he still matters today.”–BOOK JACKET.