Forgiveness (31 Day Devotionals for Life


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Reflecting God’s Mercy

Do you ever see a story of forgiveness in the news and wonder how it’s possible?  Are you struggling to forgive someone – or multiple people – who have deeply hurt you?  Or do you wrestle with a low-grade bitterness that you’d like to chase out of your life?  When the sin of the people around us looms large on our minds, we need to look to God.  Not only is his great love an encouragement amid our pain, but it is the foundation upon which we build true forgiveness for others.

In this 31-day devotional, biblical counselor Hayley Satrom turns us to Scripture to see the grace and mercy that God daily pours out on us despite our sins against him.  Devotional readings, reflection questions, and action points help us to see how God empowers us to show forgiveness to others that would previously have been unimaginable.