Forever (DVD)


By: Tripp, Paul

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ISBN: 9781937825379

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You May Be Suffering from Eternity Amnesia…

The Bible assures us that God has placed eternity in our hearts. It tells us we are created for pleasure, wired for joy all with God at the center. But in a world that is broken and suffering, it’s easy to forget this, living instead with a pack-it-all-in mentality, loading up the here and now with expectations that will only be fulfilled in eternity. Fortunately we don t have to live frustrating, disappointing lives. Instead, we can take heart, realizing that life doesn’t feel right because it isn’t right. It s not meant to be not yet anyway.

Paul Tripp points out that having an eternity perspective will enable us to live for something bigger than ourselves and larger than this moment. No longer trapped in the shrunken kingdom of right here, right now, we will be able to lead lives of greater significance and peace. Through stories, examples, and biblical teaching, Tripp rehabilitates the notion of an afterlife, not as some vague, ethereal place in which we will someday reside, but as a living, robust reality that Scripture promises.

This is a conference (based on the book) recorded live on 3 DVDs in ten 25-minute sessions. Includes a reproducible Discussion Guide and Leader’s Guide on a separate CD Data Disk. A wonderful resource for small groups a church wide event, Sunday school class, or for individual study. (Great supplemental reading for this DVD small group resource is Paul Tripp’s book Forever: Why You Can’t Live Without It.)