For Richer, For Poorer [eBook]


By: Heath-Whyte, Clare



ISBN: 9781912373543

The nineteenth century saw great innovation and change. The modern world grew and flourished at the hands of great creators and scientists. There were opportunities for Christian men to influence their society and culture for good, and these key figures were often supported and sustained by unsung heroes – their wives. Inside these pages, you’ll read of six women who lived bold, godly, and servant-hearted lives during the nineteenth century. Be challenged by their wholehearted commitment to Christ even under the restrictions of the day. And be encouraged that they too struggled with similar concerns as us – time management, parenting, sickness – and yet sought to live for the glory of Jesus.Reflection questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal book to aid your personal growth or to enjoy as part of a book discussion group. ‘What an instructive delight, to travel from our too-consuming worlds into the lives of women distant from us in time and yet sojourning like us in the community of faith. God has used such unique characters and painful challenges to advance his work in this world; this book gives a strengthening glimpse and sends us on our way to carry on, for the glory of Jesus!’ ~ Kathleen Nielson, The Gospel Coalition’In this book we meet with six unique heroines of the faith, whose lives merit the clear and colourful telling they receive. In most cases their husbands were more famous, but the wives were not lifeless appendages to their husbands’ faith; they had individual characters and spiritual stories of their own. The accounts of their lives presented here are both a window into the fascinating times in which they lived and struggled, and (in the best sense) edifying.’ ~ Dr Nick Needham, Church History Tutor, Highland Theological College, Dingwall, Scotland’This book is a fascinating and moving insight into the lives of these 19th Century wives often facing surprisingly familiar dilemmas. Clare shares their stories in a way which both comforts and challenges us as we serve the same faithful God today.’ ~ Celia Reynolds, Christ Church, Market Harbough’Clare has made these female role models from history walk off the page, and into my life. There is something profound about discovering the issues we struggle with today are timeless, something undeniably thrilling to read of women who struggled, persevered and really made a difference (even with eleven children – now that fact alone gave me perspective and put a stop to my moaning!!!). Walking alongside them through the pages of this book has challenged and encouraged me in a way that has stuck with me long after I closed the final page. I just loved it, and will be coming back to it time and again.’ ~ Linda Allcock, works alongside her husband Jonty at The Globe Church, Central London.’This book is not safe! As I read Clare opening up the lives of these six women and their lessons of loyalty and devotion to Christ and husband – on a bread-line, in loss, uncertainty and chronic pain – it tuned and sharpened me.’ ~ Natalie Brand, author and adjunct lecturer at Union School of Theology’Maybe it is because Clare makes history so relevant, surprising and entertaining; maybe it is because we can identify with the women that she writes about, however different their circumstances are to our own. At St Helens, we LOVE these compassionate, inspiring books!’  ~ William and Janet Taylor’For Richer, For Poorer rubber-stamps, the old adage that “;behind every good man is a good woman”. That was certainly the case, and more, in the six marriages Clare Heath-Whyte opens up for us to examine. For behind each of these great nineteenth century social and religious reformers were exceptional women. They not only loved their husbands, freeing them for work that changed laws and lives, but their absolute commitment to the Saviour enabled them to fulfil very difficult roles in a rapidly changing landscape. In today’s society that screams women’s rights, Clare Heath-Whyte encourages us to choose a different way, remembering Jesus’ words that “;He who is greatest among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 23:11). A challenging and inspiring read!’ ~ Catherine Campbell, author of ‘Broken Works Best’