FLYTE Remix: Bully or Bullied (DVD)


By: Browning & Thomas

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ISBN: 634337163802

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FLYTE remix: Bully or Bullied? discusses physical, emotional, social, and cyber bullying helping preteens learn to recognize and move beyond bullying. This stand-alone resource works great as a deeper dive into some of the topics covered in FLYTE, or on its own. Perfect for small-group preteen (grades 5-6) discipleship or retreats! FLYTE remix meets preteens right where they are and hits the issues they face dead-on. Separate sessions for boys and girls make it easy to get real with your preteens.

Heres what you get:

  • Five sessions for boys and five sessions for girls about bullying
  • Teaching plans, session helps, teacher tips, and parent information
  • Relevant video segments
  • Parent meeting plan


Session 1: What is Bullying?
Who was Paul? Pauls Encounter with Jesus (Acts 9:1-31)

Session 2: How Does Bullying Affect You?
The Stoning of Stephen (Acts 7:54-60)

Session 3: Am I a Bully?
Saul the Persecutor (Acts 8:1-3; 26)

Session 4: Have I Been Bullied?
(Acts 17:18; 19:23-41)

Session 5: What Do I Do Now?
(Philippians 3; Pauls Letters: Romans 12)