FLYTE: faith. life. together. Leader Guide – Volume 8 [eBook]


By: LifeWay Kids

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ISBN: 9781415871690

FLYTE: faith. life. together. Volume 8 – Leader Guide is a Bible study curriculum for kids ages 10-12, one that speaks to what they’re dealing with right now — not what’s past or in their future. Each volume includes 13 simple to execute sessions. Preteen experts—namely, preteens themselves — weighed in on the energy, movement, and excitement of Flyte during its development so that key biblical concepts are not only grasped, but applied, to issues like eating disorders, puberty, sex, bullying, emotions, family relationships, etc.

Leader Guide includes: 
13 teaching plans
Personal Bible study for leaders
Tips for leading preteens
Fellowship ideas

Helps preteen leaders pull off each session with ease
Includes personal Bible study points for leaders

Volume 8 Unit Topics: 
Unit 1: My Spiritual Life
Unit 2: Media
Unit 3: Service






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