First [eBook]


By: Carvel, Matt



ISBN: 9781909611986

So you’re about to begin your first year at uni. But are you ready?You’ve probably thought loads about what your new life will be like. Will you fit in and make friends? Will the lectures be easy to understand? Will you miss home? But have you thought about the challenges you may face to your faith? Uni life offers you freedom like never before, freedom to make your own choices, freedom to run your own life. How will you choose to live with the freedom that’s on offer?In this book Matt Carvel will help equip you to face the distractions and temptations that you’ll find at university which could pull you away from Jesus. He uses biblical wisdom, humour and personal experience to practically explore how you can live for Jesus in a university culture. He tackles different areas of pressure and temptation including sex, relationships, drink, work and church life.Living wholeheartedly for Jesus at uni isn’t easy. But walk the road less travelled and you’ll find that putting Jesus first will bring you satisfaction and joy that will last far beyond your university years.Loved checking this out this morn. It’s so good we’re getting one for all #HopeStudes Thanks @10ofthose #StudentPlus— Graham Thomson (@goldenpthomson) August 18, 2015