Finding Christ in the OT (Geared for Gro


By: Priddle, John



ISBN: 9781845506988

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We can all see the point of the New Testament, it tells the story of God becoming Man, paying the penalty for our sins and establishing his church here on earth… but the New Testament is less than half the Bible, what about the Old Testament? How does it relate to the arrival of Christ? This study shows how the story of God’s rescue plan for mankind does not start in the New Testament, Christ is in the Old Testament too – this study shows you where. Helpful notes bring the significance of these chapters into focus, and speak clearly to us today. Geared for Growth study materials encourage:

A Daily Encounter with God: Your 10-15 minutes each day will strengthen the impact of God’s word on your daily living.
Group learning and sharing: Meet weekly in a small group, share your answers and be enriched as you learn from others.
Spiritual Growth: You will be challenged to put God’s Word into practice. Others will feel the impact as you obey, grow and mature:
Church Growth: Introduce people to Spiritual reality. Your study group could be the stepping-stone for others coming to faith.





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