Fighting Fear with Faith [eBook]


By: George, Denise

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ISBN: 9781845509958

Weathering the Storms with God promises

For many women in difficult situations, fear takes a powerful hold. The reasons, whether real or imagined, abound: the possibility of illness or death; loss or rejection; crime, war or terror; failure or the uncertainty of the future. Some fears are healthy-gifts from God to protect us. Many fears, though, are pretenders-tools of the enemy to harm us. Fighting Fear with Faith helps readers to discern the difference, to remember God’s promises and to appropriate God’s great power. Stories of people from the Bible and from Christian history inspire courage and strength. With a complete Bible study guide included, Fighting Fear with Faith is ideal for individual or group study. Like a mighty elm tree that survives a stormy blast, a life connected to the strong root of Jesus can, too, withstand the storms.






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