Family Leading A Family – Member Book [eBook]


By: Luck, Kenny

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ISBN: 9781415875841

More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership. And that starts with you, the husband and father. Are you equipped and ready to assume the role and responsibility God has for you? Being God’s Man in leading a family will help you accept your calling and experience God’s blessing as the spiritual leader to your wife and children.

In this study you’ll discover the six keys to true spiritual leadership in the home:

  • Deciding: Talking ownership of your own spiritual journey
  • Demonstrating: Modeling a relationship with God
  • Displaying: God’s love in your relationship with your wife
  • Displaying: God’s love in your interactions with your children
  • Daily spiritual leadership through fostering spiritual connections in the home
  • Daily spiritual leadership through serving

Being God’s Man in Leading a Family could revolutionize not only your life, but also the lives of your wife and children and impact generations to come.






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