Every Day with Jesus Nov-Dec 2021


By: Hughes, Selwyn


ISBN: 9781789513523

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Soaring above the Storm

Despite adversity being a common feature of humanity, many are confused about the matter.  Few know how to meet suffering and deal with it effectively.  In this issue, Selwyn challenges us to get to grips with ‘the theology of adversity’.  Drawing on the truths of Scripture, he presents some attitudes which, if adopted, will help us to ride the storm, including:

  • accepting that we cannot avoid adversity, but asking God to use it to
    develop our character;
  • remembering in the dark times what we have learnt in the light and believing that God can work good out of every circumstance.

This is not just theory but a tried and tested way of living that will prevent you from sinking beneath lives troubles, instead enabling you to soar.