Ever After (Workbook)


By: Courtney, Vicki

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ISBN: 9781415877722

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The Ever After – Workbook contains 5 weeks of homework with 5 days each and leader helps. Most women grow up on a steady diet of fairy tales and chick flicks that drive our dreams and leave us with a sugarcoated version of reality. The truth is, marriage and motherhood are hard. And no matter how much we give or how hard we try, we may never feel like it’s enough. The Ever After Bible study addresses the difficulties and blessings of marriage and motherhood. Poignant, funny, and even cathartic, Vicki shares mistakes made, lessons learned, and memories to keep. Most of all, she reflects the hope that Christ meets us wherever we are in the journey and that He alone is the answer to the happily-ever-after we long for.





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