Esther (Welwyn)


By: Prime, Derek


ISBN: 9780852344712

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Unspoken Lessons About the Unseen God

When it seems that God is not active in human affairs, he may be most at work.  He may be most present when he seems most hidden.  Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in the book of Esther.

Although God’s name is not mentioned in the book, the discerning reader may see the hand of God at work throughout the narrative, as he brings his purposes to pass for the good of his people.

Derek Prime shows how the message of Esther is one of encouragement for God’s people in times of crisis.  God is in command of human actions and human delays.  Nothing escapes his notice, or happens without his permission.  Even the worst things will work out for our good.  We see only links in the chain, but he sees the end from the beginning, as the source, guide and goal of all that is.  Sovereignty and providence are attributes of our heavenly King.  Providence, not chance, rules.

The book of Esther challenges all believers to maintain a faithful witness in an unbelieving and hostile world, secure in the knowledge that their lives are in the hands of the God who has already accomplished on their behalf the greatest deliverance of all, through the death on the cross of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.