Esther: A True First Lady


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A Post-Feminist Icon in a Secular World

At the beginning of the 21st century women and men find themselves in a world which seems to be ‘post’ everything – post-Christian, post-modern, post-evangelical and even post-feminist.

How should Christians react? Is it possible to find belief in the middle of all the topsy turvy values?

The Bible tells us of a secular society in which the concept of God as we know it was unknown. Esther and Mordecai lived, loved, had faith and took courage in a godless secular empire.

We find a feminist icon, Queen Vashti, who stood up to a male dominated regime to the extent that a law had to be passed against her for fear that other women would do the same.

Esther, by comparison, is a post-feminist icon. She did not fight the patriarchal system or attempt to win rights for women. Instead she worked within a corrupt and debauched society by personal influence – never losing her vision of God or a sense of humility.

The challenge of this book is that you might prefer Vashti to Esther, the challenge of the Christian faith is that God’s ways are not necessarily our ways.

Includes bible study questions to help group study in a fresh and challenging way.





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