The Essential Jesus


By: Anon



ISBN: 9781925424263

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Whoever you are, and whatever your beliefs and background, reading the Gospel of Jesus (as Luke tells it) is an opportunity to go beyond the myths and hearsay and discover the real Jesus, the essential Jesus, for yourself. The truth about Jesus sheds life-giving light on who God is, who you are, and why we’re here.

• Gives readers the biblical ‘story so far’ so that they are ready to read the Gospel in its context.

• Contains a fresh, accessible translation of Luke’s Gospel, supervised by an international review panel.

• Concludes with a summary of the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and a challenge to respond.

• The introductory and concluding material is based on the popular and very useful Two ways to live gospel outline.

• Includes testimonies from two women.