Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian The


By: Bauckham et al


ISBN: 9780802825889

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A significant dialogue between biblical scholars and theologians.

The contributors to this substantial volume examine a number of key theological themes in the letter to the Hebrews: the person and nature of the Son, his high-priestly work, cosmology, the epistle’s theology of Scripture, supersessionism, the call to faith, and more.

Edward Adams
Loveday Alexander
Harold W. Attridge
Richard Bauckham
Markus Bockmuehl
Daniel Driver
Douglas Farrow
Trevor Hart
Richard B. Hays
Stephen R. Holmes
Morna Hooker
Edison M. Kalengyo
Mariam J. Kamell
Bruce L. McCormack
Nathan MacDonald
I. Howard Marshall
R. Walter L. Moberly
Carl Mosser
Mark Nanos
Nehemia Polen
John Polkinghorne
Ken Schenck
Oskar Skarsaune
Daniel J. Treier
John Webster
Ben Witherington
Terry J. Wright