Enter His Courts with Praise


By: Webber, Robert

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ISBN: 1565632753

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We are living in a time when worship has become a distinct priority for the Christian community. For years, the church has emphasized evangelism, teaching, fellowship, missions, and service while neglecting the very source of its power – worship.

Enter His Courts with Praise, a course for small-group or individual study, consists of thirteen easy-to-understand sessions:

  • Part One, “Music in Worship, ” explores the purpose of music in worship, the way in which musical praise can express our relationship to God, the varieties of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and the role of instruments. Two sessions study contemporary praise music and a worship style that blends this newer music with more traditional forms.
  • Part Two, “The Arts in Worship, ” studies the physical and ceremonial settings of worship and the use in worship of drama and dance.
  • A final session encourages reflection on the future of Christian worship.




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