Engaging with Keller [eBook]


By: Campbell, Iain



ISBN: 9780852349281e

In the foreword, the Rev Ian Hamilton writes: Dr Tim Keller has done immense good for the kingdom of God as a theological teacher, innovative and imaginative pastor, and engaging apologist. The editors refer to Dr Tim Keller as one of the most influential evangelical leaders of our time and we gladly acknowledge that Keller intends to teach the orthodox truth. They say that they have entered into debate with Keller because he is a good man who is so widely admired that he has merited the sustained attention of our contributors. Indeed, Keller has consistently demonstrated his commitment to Reformed orthodoxy in numerous ways. He is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. He chooses to serve at seminaries such as Westminster Theological Seminary which are explicitly committed to confessional standards. These things all indicate to us that Keller is orthodox in his beliefs. So the ground rules are clearly laid out. Dr Keller is a sound, Presbyterian minister who teaches orthodox truth with whom the contributors wish to engage in debate. We now turn to the essays in Engaging with Keller to consider whether some specific aspects of Keller’s teaching are biblically accurate ways of transmitting the Reformed faith