The End of Liberal Theology


By: Toon, Peter


ISBN: 0891078339

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Contemporary Challenges to Evangelical Orthodoxy

Modern theology is a maze of conflicting beliefs.  In fact, the shape of contemporary theology has changed so much in this century – and especially since the 1960s – that it’ s hard to make sense of it all.  Of not only what the various belief systems mean, but how we came to be where we are within those systems.

In The End of Liberal Theology, respected theological lecturer and author Peter Toon introduces evangelicals to modern forms of doctrine and theology – both Protestant and Roman Catholic.  He does so by discussing the basics of orthodoxy, by speaking to the various points of accommodation that have resulted in new forms of theology, and by dissecting liberalism and its effect on evangelicalism.  This book is thus a “ family tree” of modern theology, showing how the various contemporary forms, and those that preceded them, are related to each other.

With its comprehensive analysis, The End of Liberal Theology is destined to be a yardstick by which critical evaluations of current doctrines – both old and new, liberal and conservative – will be made.





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