Encountering God


By: Goodfellow, Ann


ISBN: 9788868800765

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God says,
I have been waiting an eternity for you, My child. Come. Let Me show you the magnificence of a relationship born out of love. My love for you is endless, and I want to be involved in every aspect of your life. If you promise to meet Me each day, I promise to be your Companion on the journey of discovery. I will teach you and instruct you and rejoice over your presence.
This book was born out of an encounter with God, a fleeting moment when the author met with Him and felt His love and His grace in a very real way. That moment was so deep and moving that she desired to capture it in the written word and share it with others, so they?and you?too can know the importance of encountering God.
As you encounter Him on this journey, God will reveal:

The deep, abiding love He has for you.
The purity of His nature and character.
An invitation to you to ?be? in Christ.
His desire to grow your relationship with Him.
That He is always near.