Eager to Serve


By: Galea, Ray


ISBN: 9781925424881

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For 31 years, Ray Galea pastored Multicultural Bible Ministry, a thriving church in Sydney’s western suburbs. Raising up and developing leaders is key to what God is doing there, with hundreds of people taking their next step in gospel ministry at MBM. In Eager to Serve, we read of the shared experiences of Ray and his team, guided by the book of Philippians. Ray teaches us what God says in Philippians about the nature of Christian ministry and partnership in the gospel, pausing along the way with the stories of real people in gospel service. Eager to Serve is perfect for anyone considering giving themselves to the world of full-time ministry. Ray sticks close to God’s word, examining life through its lens, and paints an excellent portrait of the highs and lows of ministry life. This is a resource that will help many decide if vocational gospel work is also for them. “I’m addicted to the joy of seeing gospel work multiply in others. And I’m convinced of its importance: there’s only one of me, but when I partner with others by multiplying gospel workers, I can be part of the gospel growing and bearing fruit far more widely. What a joy! Some of you are aware of having this joy, while others are conscious that you used to have it. Still others don’t know what I am talking about. Wherever you are, don’t stress: the letter to the Philippians will help us all to find this joy, or to find it again.”―Ray Galea