Drawing Near


By: MacArthur, John


ISBN: 9781581344134

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We know that we must nourish our bodies every day with food and water or our health will decline. But we may forget that’s true spiritually as well. When we neglect to regularly feed on the Scriptures, our faith becomes weak and we start to lose touch with our Savior. But a diet of fast food is bad for the body, too. Likewise, your soul needs more than a quick fix. John MacArthur offers a solution–and an alternative to the typical thematic or topical devotionals–by taking an in-depth approach to Bible exposition in this daily companion. Stimulating and instructive, the selections take you on a well-crafted, guided tour of dynamic Bible doctrines and their application to life. There are also practical suggestions for prayer, ideas for further exploration, and an easy-to-use guide for prayer, ideas for further exploration, and an easy-to-read guide for reading through the Bible in a year. Through this daily devotional you will gain a firm grasp of many of the great texts of the Bible. And just as importantly, you will learn how to feed on Scripture on your own, developing the study skills needed to open up the Bible and enjoy its rich, marvelous truths.