Douglas MacArthur (Heroes of History)


By: Benge, Janet & Geoff


ISBN: 9781932096156

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Under siege on the island of Corregidor, General Douglas MacArthur received a warning from the enemy. “You are well aware that you are doomed,” the Japanese general wrote. “The end is near. The question is how long you will be able to resist. You are advised to surrender.” Of course, there was no way Douglas was going to surrender.

Whether masterminding battle strategies or guiding the peace process among war-torn nations, 5-Star general MacArthur faced challenges with unwavering courage resolve .

The general began his honored army career by leading his fellow cadets at West Point and ultimately commanded all U. S. forces in Asia. Remembered especially for directing the fight against Japanese expansion during WWII and later governing the defeated Japanese people with grace and wisdom, General MacArthur won the respect of millions, both allies and enemies.