Digging for Diamonds


By: Madavan, Cathy


ISBN: 9781780781310

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What is hidden always shapes what we can see. In this book, Cathy Madavan encourages us to dig deeper and discover more of the life-transforming treasures of our identity, strength, character and purpose that God has already placed within us – right where we are. With laugh out loud humour and dollops of honesty, Cathy encourages us to allow God’s truths to crysatallise into something beautiful and strong in our lives. Cathy explores 12 key facets which point the reader to a deeper understanding of their unique God-given raw material and how God wants to transform them to live a valuable, purposeful life that will also unearth precious potential in others. Anybody who has heard Cathy speak around the UK will hear her voice sparkling within the pages of this book. You will be encouraged and challenged as you dig deeper. “In this gem of a book, Cathy not only warmly inspires us to take pleasure in who we really are, she also cleverly provides a nuts and bolts, workable aid to help us do so.” Diane Louise Jordan, TV and Radio Presenter.