Death of Hip Hop, Marriage and Morals


By: Goodwin, Brady


ISBN: 9780615378961

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This is the 3rd edition (2017). Part text-book, part text-message – The Death of Hip Hop, Marriage & Morals is a work of translation between cultures. In his first title, Grammy nominated Christian rap artist, Brady “Phanatik Goodwin” brings parents, professors and pastors up to speed on conversations taking place at the street level; while bringing the “streets” up to speed on the discussions of the college classroom and the corner church. Goodwin has combed through and combined hundreds of hours of media content, historical research and first-hand experience to connect the dots between Hip Hop, history and the hereafter. The result is a compelling picture of urban America that demands our attention. In growing clusters everywhere, everyone from CNN to the NAACP is talking about ways to provide relevant answers to the social problems facing today’s urban youth and young adults. Yet, hardly ever do these conversations tackle the most intimate and important issues of life. Goodwin sees that through our silence on these issues we have become morally bankrupt as “culture,” “youth” and “sexuality” have each been commercialized and sold back to us at a price we cannot afford. After demonstrating this, using Hip-hop culture and the modern family as case in point, Goodwin helps to retrace the steps to one of the most widely recognized sources of morality in human history. He closes by presenting a case for culturally-relevant, character education in public schools and for Christian and Conscious Hip Hoppers as the ideal instructors for such a course. This is a must read for anyone working with, raising or concerned about urban(ized) youth and young adults.