Death of Death in the Death of Christ


By: Owen, John

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ISBN: 0851513824

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A Treatise in Which the Whole Controversy about Universal Redemption is Fully Discussed

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ is a polemical work, designed to show, among other things, that the doctrine of universal redemption is unscriptural and destructive to the gospel.  Those who see no need for doctrinal exactness and have no time for theological debates which show up divisions between Evangelicals may well regret its reappearance.  Some may find the very sound of Owen’s thesis so shocking that they will refuse to read his book at all.  It is to those who share this readiness that Owen’s treatise is offered, in the belief that it will help us in one of the most urgent tasks facing Evangelical Christendom today – the recovery of the gospel.

‘It is safe to say that no comparable exposition of the work of redemption as planned and executed by the Triune Jehovah has ever been done since Owen published this in 1648.’  ~ J. I. Packer





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