Death of Christ (BCL)


By: Denney, James

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ISBN: 0853647887

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Today people are quitting dead churches which have no gospel.  Even where a gospel is proclaimed, it may be insecurely based on the sands of sensationalism and over-hyped “experience”.  Christians at both ends of the theological spectrum are in danger of turning their backs on the Cross of Christ.  Yet the Cross was at the heart of first century Christianity and still has the power to transform lives.

In this classic study of the atonement, James Denney, a great preacher and scholar, who himself moved away from a liberal theological position to a biblical one, focuses on the Cross.  In his day Denney helped his hearers to see “the centrality, the gravity, the inevitableness and the glory of the death of Christ”.  A century later, this book offers the generation of the millennium “a theology which helps us to evangelise” and to worship.





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