David Livingstone [HC]


By: Christie, Vance

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ISBN: 9781527110076

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Missionary, Explorer, Abolitionist

David Livingstone was one of the most consequential individuals who lived in the nineteenth century.  An unpretentious Scottish missionary doctor, explorer and abolitionist, he opened the door for Christianity in southern Africa.  Vance Christie’s biography is the most comprehensive and accurate ever written about Livingstone.

During his lifetime he was a hero in Britain and beyond, and gained a degree of respect, trust, appreciation and even affection with many African people.  He was a man who overcame many deprivations and discouragements, and displayed the utmost measure of courage, self–control, faith, wisdom and ingenuity.  Christie takes a balanced look at Livingstone’s amazing achievements, but also at his very real flaws.  This in–depth biography is a must–read insight into a fascinating man.