The Daily Reading Bible (Volume 15)


By: Anon


ISBN: 9781921441103

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This popular devotional series is becoming the staple diet for many Christian’s time with God. The Daily Reading Bible is an all–in–one resource and a good way to get started or keep going in your daily reading of the Bible.

This 15th volume contains 60 undated readings looking at Luke 9–15, Jonah and 2 Timothy. Each reading is designed to take around 15–20 minutes, and contains:

» the full text of the Bible passage for that reading
» some questions to get you thinking
» some ‘points to ponder’ and
» some ideas to get you started in prayer.

It’s all here in one booklet that you can take with you anywhere—on the train, on the bus, to the park at lunchtime, or to your favourite armchair.