Daily Planner 2023 (The Lord is My Light


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Trust God to light the way when you use the 2023 The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation Small Daily Planner to plan your appointments and activities this year.
A picture of a serene seaside adorns the lightly texturized cover of this small planner. A path leading to a sunset lookout winds its way beside the tall, white lighthouse. A banner at the top prints the year and title, and the sentiment is printed in brown and embossed gold font against the sunset.
2023 Daily Planner

The LORD is my Light and my Salvation
Psalm 27:1

Put this small 24-month planner in a coat pocket, purse, briefcase, or even on your nightstand. It is the perfect tool for organizing your daily to-do lists and events. This planner runs from September 2022 to August 2024, so there is a seamless transition from year to year. It contains two pages dedicated to each month in a block-style format that leaves space to write the day’s tasks and events under each day of the month.

Keep yourself organized while trusting that God has control of your year! Consider adding the 2023 The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation Small Daily Planner as a small add-on gift for a January birthday or a going-back-to-school gift for your favorite student.